Lifeline Features

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Cintex Wireless is one of the nation's premier providers of the federal Lifeline Assistance Program. As a Cintex Wireless Lifeline customer, you'll receive a free smartphone with free monthly data, free monthly minutes, and unlimited text. Plus with our "Always On" feature, you'll stay connected all month long with unlimited text, access to 911 for emergencies, and more.

Signing up for Cintex Lifeline service is fast and easy for Cintex Lifeline service is fast and easy. Just click here

There are so many reasons why you should sign up today. See below to learn more about our Lifeline plan features.

Cintex Smartphones

Cintex Wireless provides every new customer a free smartphone to use with their free monthly plan. With a smartphone, you can do so much more than just basic calling and text messaging. Use your smartphone to access the internet, check email, look for jobs, complete homework assignments, check social media, and much more!

You can even use your smartphone to make more free calls than ever when you're connected to Wi-Fi or data, using free calling apps like Viber and WhatsApp.

Monthly Mobile Data

Plus, Cintex Wireless offers our Lifeline customers free mobile data every month to use with your Cintex smartphone. Your free mobile data allows you to access the internet when you're on the go.

Use your data for email, videos, music, social media, surfing the web, finding your way with GPS, or even for making video calls to family & friends around the world!

ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, & Voicemail

Our Cintex Wireless cell phone includes features like Caller ID, which lets you see who is calling or text messaging you. If the person calling is someone you have saved in your cell phone address book, the name of that entry will also be displayed.

Cintex Wireless also provides call waiting with your Cintex phone, letting you put your current phone call on hold while you answer another incoming call. Or, you can ignore the second call and send it to your voicemail. Minutes will be deducted for all phone calls.

Plus, adding another person to your current phone call is easy with 3-way calling! This feature allows you to call another person and add them to your current phone conversation. (Note: minutes will be deducted from your balance for 2 calls during 3-way calling).

Another service Cintex Wireless customers enjoy is free voicemail. Any unanswered phone calls will be automatically sent to voicemail, even if your phone is in use or turned off. Callers can leave a voice message for you, so you'll never miss important news.
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